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10 Qualities of Multi Gardens Sector B-17 MPCHS Islamabad 2018

10 Qualities of Multi Gardens Sector B-17 MPCHS Islamabad 2018

MPCHS Multi Gardens B-17 Islamabad

Multi Professional Co-operative Housing Society (MPCHS) is one of the hottest projects in Islamabad, and home to some of the most sought out properties in the city. This society’s Sector B-17 presents opportunities for all investors and genuine buyers to make the most of the estate that is real in this city.

News of rapid activity in this sector has caught the attention of many people, and it is interesting to note that this locality has emerged as one of the safest avenues for investment in Islamabad. The place has garnered a lot of attention of both buyers that are genuine investors. This is probably why this locality has remained active, even when the estate that is real experienced some cold months.

We talked to estate that is real of B-17 to talk about the emerging trends and the ‘trading spree’ that the sector is experiencing, and they highlighted the key variables because of which activity here has remained rampant.


This is the most features that is important genuine buyers look for when deciding where to buy a house. For investors, this is also important them to estimate what returns they will receive and in what time period as it helps.

B-17 is located between the interchanges of Islamabad-Lahore Motorway and GT Road. Apart from this, it is on Margalla Road, which is a pertinent part of the road that is extensive surrounding New Islamabad International Airport. Malik Ashraf from Suffa associate also believes that the location of this accepted place attracts a lot of people, because of which they are eager to invest here.



Asad Khan from Ideas Real Estate Marketing is of the view that the most variable that is attractive of is its rapid development. He added that the authorities have been adamant to ensure an excellence-driven development, that too in the period that is shortest of time. He is of the view that most people evaluate a housing society on the basis of its development that is visible so when they come to B-17, this is what they find. The society is doing its best to provide the best facilities to its residents from main roads, to a park, zoo and a community centre.

Systems for the supply of water, electricity and gas have already been laid down and as soon as people will start inhabiting the society, they will be provided with all amenities that are such Asad Khan added. Malik Habib also shared in Asad Khan’s views that the scope of development in this area is extremely rapid, attractive buyers that are genuine droves.


Price competitiveness

As the demand for property here has increased, so have the prices. This was pointed out by Malik Ashraf and Malik Asghar (from Sufa Associates). Both have observed that the prices have doubled here in the couple that is last of.


Malik Asghar added that it was firstly the buyers that are genuine drove up the demand and then the prices for plots here. This then translated into price hikes with regular trading, and made it profitable for an investment venture. The speed with which activity is being carried out here, signals of an active market and highlights that venturing here is an on-going and activity that is growing.  Malik Asghar has also added that within one year, prices here would peak, indicating that now is the time that is prime start investing here.


All three experts then highlighted that Sector F remains the most actively traded block. Even when possession isn’t available here. It is because of the scope of development here, location benefits and price competitiveness, that people are driven to invest here. Commenting on possession, Asad Khan added that it is available till Sector D, and will soon be in all other sectors as well.

Location Guid

When asked about the plot that is ideal for investment or buying here.  Malik Ashraf and Malik Asghar identified the 5-marla and 7-marla plot options respectively. Both believe that these are the most appropriately sized plots for anyone who wants to build a homely house as well. For commercial use, Malik Asghar identified 40×50 and 40×60 plots as the most ideal. For both of these, our experts believe that the yield that is most per square can be gained, which allows both buyers and investors to make a profit.

While commenting on the future prospects of this locale with the launch of New Islamabad International Airport, Malik Asghar said that the place will not see an appreciation that is unprecedented prices, as soon as the project is launched. He added that the housing societies near to the airport will see an appreciation that is immediate and only after the prices for these have peaked will a significant change observed in Plots For Sale B-17.



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4 thoughts on “10 Qualities of Multi Gardens Sector B-17 MPCHS Islamabad 2018”

  • Malik Mansoor Haq

    June 7, 2018 at 4:24 am

    Good point of view.
    What about sector D as a lot of time has been passed away but we have seen no significant development or starting of any development in Sector D on which MPCHS is moving forward for sector G and leaving behind the sector D ?
    Hopefully the development in Sectors other than D will increase the value and demand of MPCHS but sector D will also pulling the value down as well as shaking the trust of investors of Block D.

  • Sana Khan

    November 5, 2018 at 8:08 am

    Informative threads for multi garden sector b-17


    March 10, 2019 at 6:22 am

    Bright future in Multi Garden B_17

  • Muhammad Faisal Farooq

    April 11, 2019 at 4:06 pm

    Sir you are right. Many people bought plots in D sector. There is no developement. I bought in plot since 12 years. I am very sad to saw the behaviuor with D sector. So any body to approach.


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