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5 ways to Invest in Plots for sale in B-17 MPCHS Islamabad 2018

5 ways to Invest in Plots for sale in B-17 MPCHS Islamabad 2018

Multi Professional Housing Society also known as MPCHS B-17 is one of the fastest growing sectors in Islamabad. The sector is divided in six blocks which are A, B, C, D, E & F block. MPCHS B-17 has many plots for sale some of them are available on cash payment and some of plots are available on instalment which you can get directly from MPCHS Society office located in sector G-8 Islamabad.

Below are the five ways to invest in Plots / Project for sale in B-17.

  1. Short Term Plot Investment
  2. Long Term Plot Investment
  3. Buying Instalment Plot File
  4. Invest In Projects
  5. Invest in Commercial Plot

Short Term Plot Investment:

If you buy a plot in B-17 for short term investment make sure to find what are the options available for sale in all blocks. Short term investment in B-17 is just to roll your money at the minimum profit possible. Once you have a land or plot and you get a first along with the profit margin then don’t wait for 2nd offer. Sell your plot at first offer this is how you can roll your investment and with short term and can get many plots and sales in the short period of time.

Long Term Plot Investment:

The long term investment in B-17 has more benefits compare to short term. As price of land in B-17 is increasing every single day if you have power to hold your money I would suggest to buy a plot in Block B or Block A and don’t sell it for 6 to 12 months meanwhile the value of the plot will be approx. 55% higher than value at the time you buy it.

Installment Plots For Sale:

If you want to buy a plot on installment for investment purpose I would recommend you to look for F Block files. The installment plots you can easily get from society or from a previous investor who would like to sell his file at the minimum profit margin. Make sure you should not pay more than two installments if you have plan for sale your file again on profit. Sell it one you get first profitable offer the buyer of the plot file is obliges to pay the installment not the seller.

Invest in Project:

There are over hundreds of projects to invest in B-17 . Many of the project has already been completed and some of them are still in under construction. Project in B-17 include shops and apartments. My recommendation is to always find out how profitable the project investment will be. First off all check the location where project is building than compare the rate of apartment / shops with other completed project.  Before you invest in project you have to have clear mind-set whether you want to wait until a project complete or you want to sell on profit same as the installment plot file.  We also have our own project under construction at the moment by the name of IDEAS Tower , Aimal Tower & Mellow Multi Mall.



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    September 22, 2018 at 2:35 pm

    i want to book plot in b17 for long term invetment pls guide me


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