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We as a IDEAS Real Estate Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd, a  company in Pakistan take outright possession of the projects we accomplish. Our group of onsite and offsite professionals wears multiple hats to determine the best promising market winning policies are installed over the project.

We gather individual skill with marketplace needs the and skilled opinion to stimulate and bring results on the projects we exert effort. We generate a wide chain of operations when marketing a project.

  • Market Approach & Audience Based Identification
  • Project Features & Highlights its Specification
  • Scope of Our Services
  • Media Planning
  • Advertising
  • Staffing


Market Study & Audience Based Identification

As a  company in Pakistan, we firmly regard in the commencement of Project Features & Highlights Specification. If the lineaments are not pointed and highlighted, a project can never be achievable. Every project is exclusive and even though elementary requirements of an end user stay persistent, still the further facilities can be somewhat which can generate or break any project development in real estate.

Project Features & Highlights its Specification

Our media planning is a champ of any other Real Estate project marketing company in Pakistan. From concepts to copywriting than prices, we are giving the best in this sphere. We offer the most composed media plans which retain the project in disclosure while also not imposing the extra burden to the project budget.

Scope of Our Services

Multifaceted, our scope of services include proposing a marketing strategy according to the requirements for a project.

The Real Marketing offers four sorts of services:

  • Complete Advertising Strategy.
  • Advertising Strategy plus booking of the project
  • Complete Package, Consisting of Advertising, Marketing, Event Management and so on.
  • Joint Ventures: Taken with the people owning a piece of land, instead of gaining the price of the land only, the owner of that particular land can share the profit with us.

Our consultancy fees are charged according to the scope and the potential of the project.


Media Planning

We own a complete span of Media Planning which grants us to generate the project as a “Word of Mouth”.

Our expertise in the field has facilitated us acquire that 4 main stakeholders are engaged when a media campaign has to be executed for a Real Estate Project Marketing campaign. These are as follows:

  • Advertisers (Producing/Facility centred Companies)
  • Media & Marketing/Advertising Agencies
  • Media Proprietors (Newspaper houses, Radio stations, and Television )
  • Program Content Designers & Dealers
  • Web Development Team


We make sure to produce a correspondence between all these stakeholders from the fundamental development till concluding exertion of the media plan. This step of marketing campaign includes enough duty plus trustworthy masses who can acknowledge ample possession of everything.


There is a sturdy bond between advertising & media. Our media team is always coordinating with the distinguished advertising agency for the advertisement and marketing of its projects.


From copy-writing of Presentations, Content, till proposal and making of Print Collateral, our Graphics team and vendors coordinate as a keen unit of experts. Our web team is pixel freak and always looks forward to retaining the attention of local and international web servers. IDEA MARKETING Web Team considers in adopting a browser into a consumer.

An organized and expert team is dedicated to working on online telemarketing of IDEA MARKETING projects. The team is ready to provide any kind of assistance to clients and shareholders at any time.


IDEA MARKETING COMPANY has the perspective to engender sales for maximum any Real Estate Project. If it comes to High Rise or a Residential Town, we ought to provide the proficiency to bring results every time.

We endure the leading principles and practices to verify that we have legitimate people to epitomize your project to the world.

  • Engaging the best talent
  • Guiding them to assist the audience
  • Execute skills to produce sales
  • Possess confidential project information